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Tailored Pathways:
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Empower your journey with tailored life counselling for personal growth, career clarity, and stronger relationships. Start your transformative journey to success and fulfilment today.



Engaging in change with a sense of ownership fosters sustainable, positive transformation. My approach is trauma-informed, solution-focused, and strengths-based, prioritizing goal achievement and recovery.

Domestic and Family Violence

Domestic and Family Violence

DFV Counselling offers support for survivors of control and fear, promoting healing for women, men, and children beyond physical abuse. It addresses the multifaceted impact of abuse, empowering individuals to reclaim their safety and well-being.

Trauma Counselling

Trauma Counselling

Navigating the complex landscape of psychological trauma requires a dedicated, compassionate approach. My Trauma Counselling Service offers a safe space to heal, transform, and reclaim your sense of self amidst life's most challenging experiences.

Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety & Depression Counselling

Occasional sadness or moodiness is quite common, but clinical depression involves deeply intense, prolonged feelings without any clear, identifiable cause, seriously affecting both your mental and physical health.

Anger Management

Anger Management Counselling

Anger is a natural response to threats, often hinting at deeper life imbalances and potentially leading to depression. Recognizing and effectively managing its early signs can prevent harmful escalation. Learn to control it effectively-start your journey now.

Parenting Counselling

Parenting Counselling

Parenting is challenging, but seeking support and adopting positive techniques can greatly ease the journey. Embrace these strategies with the help of Intrepid Counselling for a smoother, more fulfilling experience raising your children.

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Dive into my blog, where I share expert advice, healing strategies, and personal growth stories. Each post is designed to enlighten, inspire, and support you on your journey to recovery and beyond. Whether you're seeking practical tips or deeper understanding, my blog is your resource for all things related to trauma recovery and personal empowerment.

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Traditional Custodian
Intrepid Counselling acknowledges Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the Traditional Custodians of the land and acknowledges and pays respect to their Elders, past, present and emerging.
Intrepid Counsellling is committed to creating a safe, respectful and inclusive space for people of all cultures and identities.
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